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is that they are eventually getting their diplomas. >> a new study from the u.s. department of education finds a national high school graduation rate is at the highest since 1976. >> the study finds the dropout rate for male students was 3.8%. for females, it just under 3%. researchers say the dropout rate was higher among males in every state. >> official said the steady rise of students completing their education is a reflection of the struggling economy that's created greater competition for new jobs. darya. >> thank you a lot more. in national moods, supporters of longtime pen state football coach joe paterno are marking the one-year anniversary of his death with a candlelight vigil. the hall of fame coach died of lung cancer last year at 85. his supporters will hold a vigil at the mural in state college that includes a depiction of paternal. the paternal family is expected to attend. >> organizers say they will like 409 candles, one of each of paternal victories before many were stripped as part of the n.c.a.a. sanctions in response to the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> today marks the fourth anniv
spokeswoman says he and his wife worked closely with christie on education reform in new jersey. >> the governor and outspoken republican is an overwhelming favorite in the gubernatorial race. >> that do not forget to catch dr. phil to death kron 4 morning news. today's episode the truth behind on line date and the real people behind your computer screen. to enter dr. phil today at 10:00 a.m. to find out all they need is a net, of the tibia and this have that that might give up form >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news the nimitz freeway we're treading hot spots there. and publications for san leandro with the southbound exit at marina boulevard to southbound vehicle fired at 98 ave. it is slow going in the southbound direction. heavy traffic from for the coliseum. north bound situation has improved it was backed up to 238 and not just sluggish from there. for the south the millipede is developing problems here with a hot spot. to separate accidents here. the first southbound at 237 . now there and at is an accident for it at dixon wrote just before the first accident. tha
193. we will be right back. >> if we had the state's superintendent for the state board of education which approves and as aand list waivers. >> then there is a congress which passes laws such as no doubt left behinchild left behid >> watching today's winners and losers on wall street with our financial expert brought black. taking a look at the state of california the controversy with phil michelson. a lot of states are trying to steal our business. >> we had an off their debate about filled mickelson. >> california state income tax went up on proposition 30. then you add security, a disability, federal taxes. and other payroll taxes. intel has more employes in oregon and california. apple opened up a new campus in texas. these are people that have more to the bay area that are leaving. this will hurt because proposition 13 is stinging people in california. >> i and i was in tell you when i retire i am leaving the state. >> you cannot count sales tax at 10 percent. >> if you live in oregon you did not pay sales tax. i count celotex. >> you have to live in oregon. >> you can live in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3